Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bicycles for New Orleans

A New Orleans charity based in St Bernard Parish is asking for bikes and bike parts to help residents and volunteers get around. Bikes would be a big help because many people can't afford cars and also there's still a gas shortage.

This charity, Emergency Communities, has been described as "a new, grassroots approach to disaster relief. Formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, EC brought together passionate young volunteers who could not find a place to contribute with more institutionalized relief efforts."

The United way writes, "Emergency Communities has become such a fabric of the St. Bernard community that Parish Government has made two requests: to continue [food provision] operations in St. Bernard Parish through June 2006; and that the Emergency Communities Center become a stop on the free public transportation route."

For more info about Emergency Communities, see EmergencyCommunities.


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