Monday, January 29, 2007

Fatal Flaw With Hillary and Barack?

If Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama (or both) are the nominees in the 2008 presidential election, all the Republicans need to do is make the election about Iraq. That won't be hard to do because Bush has created such a godawful mess there. In fact, it might be in the Repub's interest to keep Iraq a mess.

The Achilles heel of both Clinton and Obama is their perceived inability to be Commander in Chief. Obama just doesn't have the experience. Clinton is a woman, which the Repubs will try to twist into unsuitableness for a War President, and she has more experience but not that sort. The Repubs were even able to paint John Kerry as unable to handle a war portfolio, and he's a decorated war hero.

If the Republican candidate is John McCain - war veteran, former PoW, hawk - I don't see how Clinton or Obama can win. Perhaps I'm just feeling pessimistic today.


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