Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Best Line on "Garth Day"

Green party leader Elizabeth May, poking a little fun at her friend: "The Green party will welcome Garth after he's thrown out of the Liberal caucus."

I'm glad Garth Turner joined the Liberal party. I don't agree with him on a lot of things, but I read his blog (it's in my favorites list in the right-hand column) and I like the way he talks about politics and Canada. There's no "floor crossing" in this move: Harper threw him out of the Conservative caucus ages ago. He has done an amazing job as an independent, and we're lucky to have him.


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Miles Lunn said...

I too am glad we got him. Although a bit right wing for our party, he is definitely too moderate for the current Conservatives. Anyways this is just a string of defections of former Progressive Conservatives and I suspect this will continue as long as Harper is leader and the party stays well to the right of the centre. They need to get a more moderate leader like Jim Prentice and Bernard Lord and drop their idea of a far right ideological government, which Canadians have never wanted and won't ever want.