Thursday, August 23, 2007

China Bashing

Recently the news has been full of scary articles about recalls of products made in China. From toys for toddlers to dog food, the message is that China is so backward or corrupt that everything made there is suspect.

People who understand the world of cross-border manufacturing know that this news angle is rubbish. Matel, Fisher-Price and the other multinationals are responsible for providing detailed specs to manufacturing plants. The plants don't know the safety rules in the country the goods are shipped to; they might not even know where the goods are destined. The company that hires them is responsible for telling them exactly which paint to use - they can't just leave it up to the Chinese plant manager and hope he doesn't decide to use leaded paint. They can't just accept goods without testing. If they do, then it's their fault.

Maybe this is just another case of the media getting a story wrong. Coincidentally though, the US government seems obsessed with China as the only threat to American world supremacy. China is too strong, too robust economically, and too damn big. Whenever I hear a story that bashes China, I take a long breath and wonder who initiated it.

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Green Assassin Brigade said...

Lead in paint is regulated even in China and the paint used on many of these recalled products do not even meet Chinese standards. (look it up)

The fake blood plasma sold to chinese hospitals, fake baby formula that killed chinese infants, fake aids and malarial drugs sold to Africa had nothing to do with missunderstanding over standards but were breaches of the law and common decency for greed.

Chinese manufactures of fake movies, music, motor bikes, car parts, software know they are in contravention of world trade laws and so do the party officials who get kick backs to ignore them.

Now do some of these companies cut corners because of pushy companies like Wallmart demanding a lower price? probably, but these companies know they are breaking Chinese laws to keep the contracts.
2 wrongs do not make a right.

Anonymous said...

"Whenever I hear a story that bashes China, I take a long breath and wonder who initiated it."

Wow, I like the way you think. News items don't create themselves, and intricately coordinated PR campaigns (psyops campaigns) don't create themselves either.

Of course, if you so much as dare to point out the X Y or Z is a government propaganda operation, then you are a "conspiracy theorist."