Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why the Rush?

Soon after Stephen Harper said that the public inquiry into the 1993 Schreiber-Mulroney payments will not be started until the Ethics committee is finished, the Ethics commmittee started uninviting some previously-invited witnesses.

I hope they reconsider this haste. The inquiry covers an important, but very narrow, issue: the propriety of a prime minister taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash from an arms dealer, not paying GST or tax on it, and lying about the relationship under oath to stop the RCMP from discovering more.

The Ethics committee could look into what Mulroney was lying under oath to keep us from finding out. The Ethics committee has the potential to learn much more about bribery of leadership convention delegates, payouts to government officials, attempted coverups and more.

So far there's no connection between the current Conservative party and corruption of the Mulroney-era party, so Harper should stop trying to extradite witnesses or push the Ethics committee to truncate its business.

Canadians deserve to get to the bottom of Mulroney-era corruption.



Anonymous said...

I did not know there would be any GST on money?

Yappa said...

To anonymous at 9:29 -

We must pay GST on payment for services in most cases, no matter what form the payment takes. An exception is if the hiring company is outside Canada. Schreiber was a Canadian resident, so it looks like GST was owed. Mulroney says he was ultimately working for Thyssen, which is based in Europe, so he didn't owe it, but he has offered no proof of that.