Monday, May 26, 2008

Open Letter to George Lucas

Dear George,

It's time for the next trilogy.

We need this. Even though the second trilogy (aka the first trilogy) did not turn out to be quite as fantastic as we hoped. Even though when we went back and rewatched the first trilogy (aka the second trilogy), we noticed that the ages of the characters between episode 6 (aka episode 3) and episode 1 (aka episode 4) didn't quite match up.

Plus, Lucasfilms isn't inspring much confidence with your latest offering, whatever the heck it is (a cartoon version of the last movie?) or with the latest in the Indiana Jones franchise.

Still, come on George, you promised us nine movies - three trilogies - and we're waiting for our final installment. You don't have to adopt that plot line about Leia and Hans having twins. Or you could side-step it by skipping a couple of generations. Hey, since this all happened "long, long ago" you could start to plant some seeds of explanation about how we got from there to here. You also need to explain the Force - you started in episode 2 (slash 5) but then inexplicably dropped it in episode 3 (slash 6). If you set the last trilogy far enough in the future, you could even drop that dolt Yoda and turn Carrie Fisher into your wise-old-Jedi-returned-from-the-dead.

Surprise us. But bring it on.



Geekwad said...

Better idea: farm out the next trilogy to some starving indie movie studio and give them a budget of ten million per flick. Don't let Lucas have anything to do with it. Don't even let him see it in a theater. The man is a menace.

In your heart, you know that Lucas could never again produce anything as good as a bunch of random kids with crazy ideas can.

Yappa said...

I'm sure you're right... Lucas would completely fuck it up. But I cling to the hope that he has some idea of where it's supposed to go. Back in Attack of the Clones there's this scene where Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) is testing Anakin's blood and starting to explain what the Force is... I found that fascinating and hoped to see more of the same in the next episode, but either Lucas lost interest or it ended up on the cutting room floor.

Back in 1977 Lucas said he'd make the middle trilogy and then the prequel trilogy and finally the third trilogy, and that he wanted to use the same actors (Hamill, Ford, Fisher, etc) for the third trilogy but when they were older. (He has possibly left it too long.) But that gave me the sense that he had some notion of the entire arc when he made the first film, even though he changed his concept of the prequel quite dramatically.

WesternGrit said...

And no Jarr-Jarr Binks... Please.