Saturday, February 28, 2009

Same Old Same Old

Recently there was a lot of speculation that last fall's whipping over the Economic Statement had caused Stephen Harper to change his stripes. He was supposed to have turned into a kinder, gentler Harper. Ha. Recent events show that he plans to use the same bully tactics in this parliament as he did in the last, threatening elections without any willingness to seek the support of parliament. Plus, he hasn't softened at all in his attempts to ruin our justice system by copying the tragically unsuccessful tactics used in the US.

Harper's inability to adapt gives us an advantage. We have been through this before, and so it should be easier to counteract. Also, surely Canadians are fed up with his hyperpartisan behavior. The coalition failed to make the case that it is the majority of MPs who hold the power, not the party that has formed a minority government. We need to make that case now.


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