Saturday, June 06, 2009

Taxpayers for Sensible Transit

I have created a Facebook group Taxpayers for Sensible Transit (T4ST), with the stated purpose:
Waterloo, Ontario-based group formed to express concern about the Region of Waterloo's planned Light Rail Transit and to promote positive ideas for better transit planning in Waterloo Region.

The idea for a Facebook group and the name both came from a group of local citizens who are concerned about the Region's rapid transit proposal. Many of them are not opposed to the idea outright (as I am), but favor a more flexible, cheaper bus option, or have other concerns about the implementation of rapid transit.

The T4ST page includes a discussion forum for sharing our concerns and plans. The immediate issue is planning for representations to Regional Council's public forum on June 10. I have also added links to information about the transit proposal.

I hope you will consider joining. The group page is here. If you have trouble joining, drop me a line with your email (my email link is in the top right corner of this blog) and I'll send you a Facebook invitation.

Next step: an online petition, either to express concern or to call for a referendum. Any ideas on wording?


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