Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Questions about Imagine Adoption and Conservative MP Gary Goodyear

Further to my previous post.

The police are now conducting a fraud investigation of Imagine Adoption. I have some questions I'd like answered about the possible involvement of Minister of State for Science and Technology Gary Goodyear.


Gary Goodyear (a chiropractor by trade) and his wife Valerie Goodyear own a company called Constant Energy. This company owns a property at 382 Queen Street West, Cambridge, which it has rented for the past three years to Imagine Adoption for a fee of $3,000/month. The property is occupied by the Hespeler Community Chiropractic Centre. Constant Energy has apparently not collected any rent from Imagine Adoption.

Valerie Goodyear is a senior employee at Imagine Adoption. It seems that the directors of Imagine Adoption have been into some serious fraud. Their big salaries, luxury cars and first class travel are one thing: using agency funds to renovate their homes, take non-business related trips, and buy clothes and horses is another level of inpropriety - and all the information we have so far is just from reported expenses.


1. Is Goodyear (through his company Constant Energy) claiming a tax loss on the unpaid rent on 382 Queen Street West?

2. How much rent does the Hespeler Community Chiropractic Centre pay, and to whom?

3. What is Goodyear's relationship with the people at the Hespeler Community Chiropractic Centre?

4. What about the other properties Imagine Adoption rents but doesn't use?

5. Do Gary Goodyear, his wife or their companies own any other properties?

6. How much salary did Goodyear's wife Valerie get from Imagine Adoption, and what were her expenses?

7. What about the other charities owned by Susan and Rick Hayhow?

8. What is the real policy of our federal government on ensuring ethical behavior by cabinet ministers?



wilson said...

I think the unpaid rent at 382 Queen Street West is not current debt, but dates back a few years, to when Image took over the former St ? Adoption Agency responsibilities.

Bert said...

Boy, you're REALLY reaching in this one, Yappa.

You're hoping for a scandal, where there is none.