Sunday, August 30, 2009

The $9T US Deficit is All Bush

Interesting article in the New York Times today: Who Gets the Blame for the Deep Deficit?

The conclusion: all (or at least most) of the estimated $9 trillion US deficit was caused by George Bush. In particular, Obama's health care proposal and environmental proposals do not increase the deficit at all (as they are paid for by cost cutting and tax increases).

This may be the case where facts get in the way of conventional knowledge.



Prairie Kid said...

1. Of course the New York Times is completely neutral in their reporting. Always has been right? Kind of like the Toronto Star and the CBC.

2. The "self paying" health care is going to be exactly like the gun registry. Looks good on paper until reality sets in.

Yappa said...

Actually health care reform, if properly implemented, will save a great deal of money. US health care costs are out of control, largely because of all the profit-takers in the system and the inefficiencies caused by them.