Monday, March 01, 2010

MSN Makes Fun of Harper

This is pretty funny, and has a refreshing anti-prorogation message:

Stephen Harper's Olympic adventure


Anonymous said...

This comment is soooo stupid. Are you saying that Liberals and the NDP don't do the same thing? Are you saying the Liberals are so atuned to doing what is socially correct...more so than anyone? Gawd..get a life. You sound uneducted.

Yappa said...

Anonymous 4:44 -

I don't seem to be smart enough to know what the heck you're talking about.

The link shows a picture of Harper with a flag in front of his face, with links to a bunch of other photos of him.

Are you saying that the Liberals and NDP have also been caught in photos with flags obscuring their faces?

Or is this a comment that you're quickly pasting into Liberal and NDP blogs without reading the blog posts? Hmm?

Fred from BC said...

That's not making fun of Stephen Harper, it's making fun of the situation. That flag could have blocked out anyone's face, but it's more humorous when it is someone famous. The comment on prorogation is just 'filler' for the US market (most of whom wouldn't know what the word meant anyway...).

What is really funny here is that you think this is significant in some way.

Yappa said...

Hi Fred from BC -

I didn't say it was significant. I said it was funny. It might say something about my sense of humor that I think a picture of the PM with a flag in front of his face is funny, but I do! (It's not as bad as this one, at least.)

If it's significant, it's because MSN staff are making fun of Harper and being critical of prorogation, and that shows how widespread the anti-Harper, anti-prorogation sentiments are. But I didn't say that. ;-)

Northern PoV said...

I thought it was rather witty, tying the photo-op-gone-wrong to parliamentary-democracy-gone-wrong.

Jae C. Hong-AP Photog, will not be getting a PMO Christmas card this year.

Bert said...

I thought that the photo of Prime Minister Stephen Harper was kind of funny, Anon 4:44, and I am about as Conservative as they come, as Yappa can attest to. If we can't take a little good natured ribbing, then that is pretty sad.

I am wondering, however, if there are any similar sort of photogalley's of Iggy anywhere at all ?.

Yappa said...

Oh come on, Bert... There are lots of great shots of Igs with his eyebrows looking like a couple of gyrating caterpillars!

I think the flag photo is funny because you can almost hear him thinking, "Omigawd what do I do now?" If he tried to push it away, he might have been captured looking disrespectful to the flag (not that that would have bothered me in the least). So he just rode it out.

Note to self, if ever stuck in a public venue with a flag in front of face: duck under it while laughing in a self-deprecating way.