Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Uptown Waterloo is booming.

Just at the corner of King and William, there are two new buildings going up. In the pie-shaped lot where Quiznos used to be, a financial services company is putting up an office building:

Across the street, the region's most expensive and luxurious condo building has been announced at 150 King:

Over at Erb Street there's the Barrelyards, nearly 13 acres in size. The details keep changing, but when it was officially announced in 2007 it was slated to have two hotels, two 25-storey condo towers, four rental apartment towers, 230,000 SF of office space, townhouses, and ten mixed retail/residential low rise buildings.

Next to the Barrelyards is the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics, which is getting a mammoth and very exciting-looking addition:

Across the street from the Perimeter Institute is the Balsillie School of International Affairs, a complex of buildings:

And kitty-corner to the Balsillie School is the new Knox Presbyterian Church:

Then there's the 21-storey condo/townhouse complex at 144 Park, the new condo at Bridgeport and Peppler, and a proposal for a high-rise condo at 31 Alexandra. That's just what's already in the pipe. A commercial realtor told me recently that within five years he expects that King Street north of Erb will be a canyon of large new buildings. Projections of Caroline between Erb and William show all those parking lots replaced with buildings.

Minor note: None of this development has anything to do with LRT plans. Most was already in the works before the LRT proposal, and all of it is a direct result of the high rental rates in Uptown - brought about by the redeveloped Waterloo Square, new streetscape, programming in the Public Square, and general momentum of success in Uptown.



Anonymous said...

This is really exciting. I was a grad student at UW for many years. I live in Uptown and this makes me want to return to the city I truly love. Enjoy.

tomslee said...

Looking at the picture on the poster, I thought the 150 King condos are being built at the Quizno's site.

Yappa said...

Hi Tom,

That makes a lot of sense, but I don't think it's true. I've had several independent verifications that the Quizno's site is going to be an office building. Plus, the house that the 150 King sign sits in front of has just been sold and I heard it would be torn down.

It's odd that the condo building has a King Street address when it's not on King Street, for sure.

btw (and this answers nothing about the question of which site), there's a web page for the building:

Anonymous said...

Which side has the even numbers?

Yappa said...

The east side of King has even numbers, so the address works on that score.