Friday, April 08, 2011

The sheep freak out

There seems to be tacit agreement among governments and media that the public must not be panicked by the Japan nuclear reactor fallout. Every step of the way we have been told that certain things can't happen... and then they do.

So we were told this wasn't Chernobyl and it wouldn't be possible to have nuclear contamination outside the reactors... and then when that happened they said it wouldn't spread... and then when that happened they said it wouldn't be harmful... and then when that happened they said it wouldn't get to North America... and now nuclear fallout has been detected (in small quantities) at the Bruce Power plant on the shores of Lake Huron. And just to be clear about this, that's really close to where I live.

I understand the rationale for this "benevolent conspiracy." Nobody wants boatloads of Japanese refugees foundering in the middle of the Pacific. Nobody wants a worldwide financial collapse caused by panic and fear.

But. I for one am starting to freak out only because of all the lies. What else aren't they telling us?



WesternGrit said...

Trace amounts they tell us... Still... I'm having concerns about my bright sunshine walkabout Granville Island today - without a hat on.

This should certainly make people rethink nuclear energy - particularly in populous areas.

Yappa said...

...or it should renew interest in Candu, in which the rods cool down immediately when the water level drops. Or has Harper killed Candu?