Saturday, April 06, 2013

Tribute to Bob

I'm watching the leadership convention live at It's great - John Turner is giving a very funny speech at the moment - but the tribute to Bob Rae is bittersweet, given that he was denied the chance to run for leader... again. Last time, it was decided we needed unanimity so Bob was pressured to bow out and let Ignatieff run unopposed. This time he was told he couldn't run because he was interim leader.

I will happily vote for Justin Trudeau, but Bob was always my first choice.

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Tom said...

I think he was told he could not run for leader if he became interim leader. It was his choice(Not that he could not run for leader because he was interim leader). Makes sence since interim leader gives a great pulpit to launch a campaign. It would have been fun however to see if Justin ran aginst Bob and who would win.