Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Geeze Louise

I recently got a couple of anonymous emails slamming Gerard Kennedy that are so nasty that they have no credibility whatsoever. Does the author even think that he/she might cause anyone to change their support from an anonymous email full of lies and name-calling? I don't see how this type of trash could ever influence anyone to do anything but lose interest in the leadership race.

Likewise, the "Stop Iggy" web site is just too one-sided to be credible; in fact, while it seems to be argued rationally, I suspect most of it misrepresents his views and is flat-out untrue.

I also thought Ignatieff's campaign manager, Ian Davey, was out of line to smear Ignatieff's competitors in the Globe & Mail when an address list was stolen. My reading of his comments was that he was suggesting that one of the other candidates stole the list. I doubt that's likely, to say the least. It seemed like a cheap shot and it sullied the leadership race.

I don't see any evidence of serious underhanded dealings, but geeze louise, someone needs to tell some of these yahoos (I'm not including Davey here) to get some perspective already. There's no one in the race who isn't a great asset to the party.


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