Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not to Worry About Bill C2

A recent editorial in the Globe & Mail (You say accountability, I say take that, Liberals) gave me some reason to worry about my eligibility for the leadership convention, given that I have donated money to the party this year. The editorial said, in part, "it costs $995 to be a delegate to their December leadership race, [so] anyone who contributed even $6 to the party would be breaking the law."

However, I contacted Liberal HQ and they said not to worry. It is true that Harper is trying to pass Bill C2 (The Federal Accountability Act) to reduce the political donation limit to $1,000, and that they want to make it effective this year, but the Liberals are fighting it. Currently the fight is in a Senate Committee. Wannabe delegates should assume that the limit will stay at $5,400 this year.


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