Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why Vote for Dalton McGuinty

Here are three reasons to vote Liberal in this fall's Ontario election, just as a start...

1. Check this out: It's a wee bit boring, but he says some good things. I especially recommend the bit about why he implemented the health care premium after saying he wouldn't raise taxes. Dalton's a good premier for Ontario.

2. Mike Harris Mike Harris Mike Harris Mike Harris Mike Harris Mike Harris Mike Harris Mike Harris Mike Harris. Black booted cops at Queen's Park, A cabinet minister who jumped backwards into a bush and then claimed he was pushed, Sarah Polley getting her teeth kicked in, massive layoffs of nurses, health care system nearly destroyed, a huge hidden deficit, Toronto amalgamation, etc etc etc -- You might counter: why blame the current Conservative leader for a Conservative leader four years ago? The answer is that the Conservatives have a lot to answer for after the debacle of the Harris/Eaves years and the horrendous mess they left our province in.

3. The NDP's self-destruction during the years of the great Bob Rae, indicating that the Ontario NDP is not yet ready to run things.



Anonymous said...

wow, I hope you're regretting that decision after he takes your whole paycheck this summer.

mike said...

are you kidding anyone who votes liberals is only asking for more tax hikes arnt you tired of paying rediculous amounts of money out of your pay check every week to feed a government who only spends it rediculously so give your head a shake and ask yur self am i paying to much or should we vote the liberals out and send a message to every elected party who comes to power that if taxes and stupid spending happen while your in office we will throw your asses out.Just remember what dalton mcquinty said when he was first elected he wont raise taxes but has raised taxes more than any government in history and he is not done