Sunday, September 09, 2007

He Rises to Slime Again

As I write I'm watching Brian Mulroney's interview on CTV that coincides with the release of his memoirs.

Some things have changed since Mulroney's tenure as Canadian Prime Minister. He is apparently no longer hopped up on Nyquil - while he's still smarmy, he no longer has the careful enunciation and telltale slur of one slightly drunk.

But the slimey lies are still there. He just decried his opponents for getting upset with him for singing on stage with Ronald Reagan, saying that the "loopy left" was crazy to criticize - totally ignoring the fact that we weren't objecting to the song, we were objecting to his sucking up to the American right and acting against Canadian interests.

He argued at some length that former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, whom he obviously hates, had no moral authority in Canada and had no right to be a leader. He implied that Trudeau was anti-Semitic and even pro-Nazi.

The character assassination continues with Lucien Bouchard, and since I'm no fan of Bouchard I don't care to dredge up the details, but I don't believe a thing Mulroney says. He's a bald-faced liar, a prime-time sleeze. His legacy is that he did such an execrable job as Prime Minister that he destroyed his party.

And as to his own moral authority, I think Stevie Cameron settled that question in her book On the Take.



lance said...

re On the Take: Heh, yeah, the one where she cites herself as a source?

What part of 'fully vindicated' and 'never lost a court challenge' do you have trouble understanding?


Yappa said...

Hi Lance -

Cameron has tons of excellent sources. I think the telling thing is that the litigious Mr. Mulroney never sued her over the book.

But I do apologise for being so negative. I know other people have different opinions about Mulroney. I was nastier than perhaps I should have been because the interview made me so mad: Mulroney was twisting things around and attacking opponents in unfair ways, and I was sitting there thinking of all the people who were beind duped by him and it just infuriated me. Still does.


Anonymous said...

Ruth how can you say with a straight face that Brian Mulroney didn't have Canada's best interest in mind with respect to free trade.The Canadian economy has flourished under the agreement.Unemployment has been cut in half, remember the liberals claimed that we could not compete with the American's and that we would lose all our jobs and then ratified Nafta in 1994 we no longer run a defecit as a reult of the GST.MR Mulroney was relentless in getting the American's to agree on an acid rain treaty and was a leader on apartheid not abad resume for nine years in office makes Trudeau's pale by comparison