Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Next Big Thing

It seems we are in the middle of a revolution in computing: the move from tethered communication to mobile. Worldwide, there are approximately four times as many mobile devices (mostly cell phones) as there are traditional laptops and desktops. And mobile devices are improving to an extent that they may make desktops and laptops as laughingly obsolete as rotary dial phones.

Consider the possibility of "a microbrowser in every pocket" for both personal and business use. Then think about the potential for embedded wireless applications. Our economy will be transformed. Wifi is a stopgap, but in the US the FCC is rumored to be considering the approval of new broadband networks that could make make wired and wireless internet nearly free.

The screen and keyboard on mobile devices are too small to be fully useful, you say? It's all being worked out. We've all seen the iPhone, but check out these new products from HTC - they're just as revolutionary.

These developments make it all the more urgent for the Canadian government to get off its butt and start doing something about the pitiful state of Canada's wireless service provider industry. At this point in time, lagging behind Rwanda is not going to cut it.

Update: PCs Being Pushed Aside in Japan


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Neale Gifford said...

Yet another "wireless" device. While I do see their value, I also see many abuses. Drivers and pedestrians not paying attention to where they're going. Also the Rogers gimmick home phone deal with "no long distance" is a problem for those in areas served exclusively by other companies. If I call my sister I pay because they do not have access to Rogers.
Technology is moving ahead too quickly for the authorities to keep up with.