Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh Mr Bush... We Need an Extradition Up Here, Please

The Canadian government is not going to act on overwhelming evidence that former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney took at least $300,000 in bribes from a shady German businessman. Harper said, "Do they really want to say that I, as prime minister, should have a free hand to launch inquiries against my predecessors?"

There's an answer. Mulroney got the payoffs in cash in hotel rooms... in the United States. The US has laws about handling amounts of cash over $10,000. You can't cross the border with it or put it in a bank account without paperwork. Mulroney must have violated some of those laws.

Canada was too gormless to prosecute Conrad Black, and now we're apparently too gormless to prosecute Brian Mulroney. Perhaps the US can step in again?

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mp said...

Conrad and Brian... cell mates. Picture that!