Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The State of Mulroney's Finances in 1993

Mulroney spokesman Luc Lavoie admitted today that Mulroney accepted cash from Schreiber in 1993, before leaving office. But, Lavoie said, the poor fella had to do it - he was broke, busted, done in by the paltry salary of being Prime Minister. "Whatever savings he had he had spent while he was prime minister,” Lavoie said.

In 1993, Mulroney bought a $1.67 million mansion in Montreal, and then he spent a further $1 million in cash to renovate it.

If Mulroney was so broke, where did he get all that cash?

Who else was slipping thousand dollar bills into envelopes and meeting him in hotel rooms?

(And since when is a desire to live the high life a justification for shady dealings with arms dealers?)



Anonymous said...

Mulroney had to PAY for his own mansion when he left office?

What a shame. Chretien's wife was "gifted" a $2 million mansion by PowerCorp when HE left the PM office.

I guess Chretien's friends were far more "beholding" to him than Mulroney's.

janfromthebruce said...

I find it outrages that Mulroney was painted "poor". Canadians, particularly women and children who live in "real poverty" should be so lucky to be "poor" by Mulroney standards.
Excuse me why I barf.
So its ok to take a cook 100 grand cause things were tight while in office. Sounds like he needs to learn how to manage his money better. Sign him up for the common sense revolution medicine, and bash this low life!
And get a job!

Anonymous said...

Broke my ass. I've been to the big man's place and it's excessive to the max.
Mila's out buying prada yet Brian's claiming the poor house.
Cash in brown envelopes. That says it all.
Fuddle duddle!