Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Stink Rises

The case against Brian Mulroney is getting smellier:

*Bruce Verchere was a Montreal tax lawyer who specialized in hiding money in offshore accounts.

*Bruce Verchere managed Brian Mulroney's blind trust while Mulroney was in parliament (1984-1993). He was also Mulroney's tax lawyer.

*Verchere had accounts at least two banks in Geneva (Darier Hentsch et Cie and Pictet Cie), which he used for his personal use and for his clients.

*Schreiber told the Ethics committee that in the early 1990s, Mr. Doucet asked him to send part of the Airbus grease money to Mr. Mulroney's lawyer in Geneva. Later, Doucet told the committee that that was a "fabrication. I did not know any lawyers in Geneva, Switzerland, or indeed anywhere else in that country." At his next testimony, Schreiber said that the lawyer in Geneva was Bruce Verchere.

*Mulroney said that he has never had any bank accounts outside of Canada. Verchere apparently managed Mulroney money in Switzerland, so Mulroney's statement may be splitting hairs, just as "no banks accounts" turned out not to include safety deposity boxes.

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