Friday, August 29, 2008

Harper Promotes UnCanada

Of course this could just have been the fellas down at the Globe having some fun with Harper. (This picture appears today on the Globe & Mail home page exactly as I produce it here.) Even Globe columnist Margaret Wente, normally a cheerleader for the right, is fed up with Harper. Yesterday she described him as "a mean-eyed guy with the charm of a ball-peen hammer". I don't agree with everything else she said, but I like the sentiment:
Once upon a time, I thought that Mr. Harper might actually be principled. Now I know he's just another panderer. His idea of an economic policy is to cut a point or two off the GST and deal out tax breaks to parents who buy hockey sticks. His idea of a justice policy is to get tough on crime, even though crime has gone way down. His idea of a science policy is to slap a ban on plastic baby bottles, because maybe it will help him get the Mom vote. His idea of a culture policy is to cancel grants to suspicious left-wing intellectuals and rock bands named Holy Fuck. So what if the Winnipeg Ballet gets screwed too? The more the culturati scream, the better. They were never going to vote for him anyway.

Mr. Harper claims an election is necessary because Parliament is at an impasse - even though he has managed to get everything he wanted passed. We thought we had a fixed election date. Now we know it's fixed by him, on whatever date he wants.


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