Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Campaign Round-Up

As Obama prepares to accept the nomination tomorrow night, I'd like to recap my coverage of the primary season:

* Campaign to boycott the election
* The disenfranchisement of Democratic women
* Time to harness the power of 51%
* Eleanor and John in 1959
* Not just another sex scandal
* The Real Obama?
* The perils of taking things at face value
* If they don't do it, they don't win
* Kicking us when we're down
* Gore-ed: Or How "Conventional Wisdom" Makes Sh*t Up
* You don't have to support Hillary to deplore the sexism that brought her down
* Obama supporters attacked Hillary, but Obama attacked Bill
* Another way to spin: or, the rosy view of things
* The question of racism
* The McCain threat
* The marathon
* Has Hillary's defeat set back feminism?
* The mob
* Dissing the dismal science
* Democrats will lose by playing dirty
* The double standard around the call to quit
* "Entitlement" another sexist code word
* Obama and the Democratic Party
* The Obama Strategy
* Small town America is seeing clearly
* Unreaveling the mess in Michigan and Florida
* Equality roundup
* The case for a Clinton/Obama ticket
* Caucuses vs primaries and the state of Texas
* Change you can't believe in
* Who will stand up to the Cuban-American lobby?
* Schlesinger roundup
* The war against women
* Gobsmacking nastiness
* Can any Democrat beat McCain in November?
* Questions for the candidates
* The Republican Nomination is all down to the veep
* Calling for a closer examination of Obama
* Ongoing bickering may doom Democrats
* Bill Clinton's presidency: mananger or visionary
* I am weary
* Some thoughts on women in politics
* Pushing back against the Hillary haters
* Obama
* The politics of black and white
* Trey Ellis on Bill-bashing
* Correcting the record: too little, too late
* Obliterating the front runner, cont.
* The twisting of truth: analysis of an event
* The Huffington Post and irresponsible alternative media
* What the next US president faces
* Don't get fooled again
* Analysing anti-woman media bias
* Endorsements for Hillary for president as of January 15, 2008
* The glass jaw
* When the media aims its guns
* Why Hillary won
* Democrats have something to learn from the Liberals
* John Edwards' version of change: dirty politicis
* Ain't no fun when the rabbit's got the gun... for lots of reasons
* Obama lost his way
* US health care
* Some thoughts on the Democratic race
* Would a woman president be taken seriously by an Arab state?
* Why the cleavage issue matters
* Why I endorse Hillary as Democratic candidate for president
* The lady vanishes... into a smokescreen of lies
* Another Bush coming in the back door
* Fatal flaw with Hillary and Barack?
* Mother Jones takes on Hillary
* Clinton, Obama, and Gore



The Mound of Sound said...

I had a quick read of some of the posts you listed and it left me wondering why you would do that to yourself? It sort of shows you as a tad fixated and a tinge wobbly.

Yappa said...

Hi mound -

I thnk you'll need to explain yourself a bit more. What you have said is quite insulting (fixated... wobbly... why would you do that to yourself?) but you provide no argument.

Being a feminist, I have a lot of experience with being insulted and having my concerns dismissed; I'm quite inured. However, I am always open to reasonable argument. ;-)