Monday, September 07, 2009

Labour Day

This Labour Day, I call on all workers to resolve to do their jobs better.

Unions, I call on you to root out corruption in your ranks. It is your right to defend your members when they're accused of wrong-doing, but it's your responsibility to safeguard against their doing wrong.

Government, I call on you to find a way to reform your relationship with civil service unions, and to make commitments to ensure that all Canadians get the same benefits as your unionized employees. Further, you need to strengthen employment regulations to protect workers - all workers, including part-time and contract.

Corporations, I call on you to operate for the benefit of shareholders, employees and society - not for the enrichment of the handful of people at the helm.

If we all took seriously the need to do better, what a world we could have.


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Lizt. said...

What a way to end a holiday.a poll just came out for CTV
,liberals 30, Conservatives 35, and in Ontario, Cons ahead and gaining in Quebec