Monday, December 21, 2009


From time to time I threaten to delete comments and sometimes people ask me to delete comments, but it's something I've hardly ever done for editorial reasons.

However recently I've been getting hit by a spammer who embeds links in Chinese characters, or sometimes in a row of dots. I have word verification enabled but they still get through. So if you noticed that comments are coming and going, that's why.



penlan said...

I've been getting the same thing at my blog plus some others that say something nice. When I click on the name I get taken to either a Chinese site or a site that has a list of links to services, all different kinds. I delete all those comments.

Also, when I comment at other blogs who get "the spam" they end up in my inbox as well as I have checked off the box at the post to get comment updates.

Yappa said...

Hi penlan,

Thanks for the extra details. I'll be more alert after I post on other blogs.

I forgot to add that the sites that the links go to are sort of pornographic... or at least the two I accidentally clicked were. They were maybe call girl sites or something like that. It's a bit hard to tell with the language difference.

penlan said...

Well Yappa, if it was "call boy" sites it maybe wouldn't be so bad. ;)