Monday, December 21, 2009

St Clair is to the Gun Registry As...

Toronto's St. Clair streetcar line is finally finished, after years of delays and going millions of dollars over budget.

If we followed the logic of the anti-gun registry group, we'd respond by tearing up the tracks.


Bert said...

Not quite, Yappa. You could equate the 2 if the tracks lead to a dead end.

The Rat said...

Or if they lead to a useless destination. Oh yeah, they are in the GTO so they DO lead to a useless destination.

Yappa said...

When the association of chiefs of police are so adamant that something is useful and necessary, claims of its uselessness are pretty lame.

Bert said...

Interesting stat's here. It's from the US, but still, it's food for thought:

I don't quite understand why registering guns is so useful, when criminals won't register them. It won't make guns magically safer. Look at Toronto. It's not a gun-friendly place, politically since David Miller was mayor, but look at how many people get shot there ?.

While I'm at it, there is also evidence of criminals using gun registry data as a "shopping list":