Thursday, February 07, 2008

I Am Weary

I hate to say it, but here it is the beginning of February, nine long months before the election, and I - long-time obsessive political junkie - am wearing out.

I'm sick of all the lies and bullshit being thrown at the Hillary camp by mainstream media and even more by the alternative web-based press. I'm sick of the license this election is giving people to show their misogyny. I'm tired of the endless prognosticating, punditing, blahblahblah talking about nothing. It's just wearing me down. Now that Edwards is out of the race, it seems the only Democrat in America who wants to talk about policy is Hillary Clinton, and even Ezra Klein (who I respect and like) makes fun of her for that.

I'm sick of the idiotic network news coverage and the lying columnists in the New York Times (all except Paul Krugman, natch) and the obamabiased Huffington Post. I'm tired of hearing about exit polls and blue collar workers and Hispanics - that's all useful data for the campaigns, but how does it help any of us decide how we want this country to proceed? We've entered into a neverending horrible tunnel of hype designed to make people like big media owners and Arianna Huffington very rich but that is not doing dick for any of the rest of us.

I am weary. If I say that in a fake preacher voice with a husky lilt at the end of each sentence and repeat it three hundred and fifty times will it sound like an Obama speech?



Anonymous said...

Indeed, the day Hilary Find me a candidate that intends to limit special interests.....thats where my vote goes.

At this point, none of the candidates are worth a dime to speak of.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Ruth. Don't be worried or weary. It's easy to get worked up about this because the intensity is so high and the US election certainly feels more historic and "important" this time. It is not that they all aren't; but most of the time, let's face it, Joe and Mary Q Public just don't recognize it. This time it seems many do.

I think the subconscious draw of a woman and a black man, both with strong presence and intellect, with a real possibility of ahieving the Presidency, is bringing to the surface a lot of intensity most people don't even understand in themselves much less in how that plays out in the public dialogue.

It sounds like you are very invested emotionally in having Clinton win and want to defend her from the unfairness of the media and the campaign trail. I think I have felt some of those feelings as well. However, I am confident there are Obama supporters out there who feel just as stronly that forces are trying to define him in a narrow and unfair manner as well.

It is the nature of campaigns, and I am sure both HIllary and Barak are aware of that fact in ways we who view from the outside never really understand. They "signed up for this" so to speak. That doesn't mean if isn't tough - or sometimes unfair - but it is the path they chose.

Follow what you believe and the issues you find important, regardless of who wins, and you will make a difference. Your value - or emotional sanctity - is not at all dependent on whether the candidate you prefer is elected. Work like hell for them if you want, but don't be too hard on yourself or let their struggle wear on you.

I hope that helps. We've all been there, at least those of whose who care deeply enough to follow this political world the way we do.

On a lighter note, I loved your last paragraph. I found it funny that a couple of months ago people and pundits were poking great fun at Hillary for trying to "sound southern" when she would speak to audiences in southern states.

I've found it hilarious - and yes mildly unfair - that when Obama does the same thing at times with extreme exagerration during Southern gospel moments" that no one dares say a thing. I mean, how did the bi-racial guy who grew up in Hawaii get that Mississippi drawl anyway? Shouldn't we be mildly curious? I could get worked up about it if I tried, but sometimes you just have to smile instead ; ).

Have a good day, Ruth. Do something fun - you have my permission (as if that means anything ; ).