Saturday, February 02, 2008


Barack Obama currently does not have the skills or experience to be an effective president. In particular, the next president is going to face a tsunami of problems left by Bush, as well as a huge deficit that will make it very difficult to initiate new policies.

The candidates differ very little in policy or in the degree of "change" they will bring. What they differ in is qualifications.

What we desperately need is someone who can figure out:

- an exit strategy for Iraq
- how to create a new global monetary system
- how to improve financial regulations so the subprime-initiated meltdown is not repeated
- how to reform health care so that it is universal and more cost effective
- a new approach to US foreign policy
- how to effectively tackle global warming
- what to do about the divisive issue of illegal immigration
- how to improve education
- about a billion other vital issues and impending crises

The Democrats need to win in November, and nobody is looking closely enough at Obama's flaws. That oversight will be corrected by the Republicans if Obama becomes the Democratic candidate. Obama will be portrayed as weak, inexperienced, idealistic, unrealistic, and incapable of leading the country. His bad temper and grumpiness will become issues. His extensive hard drug use will be cited over and over. He will appear as being unable to command the US armed forces, especially in comparison to John McCain, so Republicans will make Iraq the center of the campaign. He will be held up as too liberal to lead, while McCain will take over the center.

Obama may be a great candidate in 2016, but he has not prepared himself sufficiently for this job. There is a far better choice in Hillary Clinton.


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Anonymous said...

You are so right. The devil's in the details and it is obvious that Hillary has worked out the details.

I was impressed, and no one seemed to notice that, Hillary said a new president must check out the Pentagon - she's right. So many secrets there, etc.

She also took into consideration those Iraqis that helped the soldiers, the US people working there, embassy, etc. - Obama obviously had factored that in.

Why is everyone so celebrity/messiah crazy. I think it's dangerous.

I didn't know about Obama's temper but I do know that he and McCain had a little temper flying issue some time ago.