Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who Will Stand Up to the Cuban-American Lobby?

Will any of the candidates for president stand up to the Cuban-American lobby in Florida and promote the idea of lifting the embargo against Cuba?

Now that Fidel has resigned the US government is revving up to make Raul the next Great Satan.

The US government could take advantage of Fidel's resignation to open talks with Cuba, but no... CNN reports that "Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte said the U.S. embargo on Cuba will not be lifted in the near term."

Cuba had a socialist revolution in a time of great capitalist corruption, including US-sponsored corruption. Some property was confiscated. Harm was done to both sides. Cuba has some human rights abuses. The US has some human rights abuses - some of them being perpetrated on illegally occupied Cuban soil.

The Cuban revolution was nearly 50 years ago. The Soviet Union ended nearly 20 years ago. Even the Sandinista revolution was nearly 30 years ago (not that I think Cuba was on the wrong side of that one, by any means). It was all a long time ago. Get over it. Stop embargoing this small idealistic island off your southern shores. And give back Guantanamo. The behavior of the US has been shameful and it's time to stop it.

Sure, if only one candidate supports lifting the embargo, then they may lose Florida and that would probably cost them the election. But isn't everyone all about "change" this year? Aren't they all promising to stop with the same old/same old crap and bring some sense to presidential policy? Isn't US persecution of Cuba just about the biggest human rights fiasco that the western hemisphere has endured in the last half century?


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j said...

Just because Fidel is gone, there is no reason to expect change. The only way that Cuba can become free is if the people revolt and overthrow the current regime. The US would not have the support of the world to overthrow the regime for the people, that is why the candidates will not commit to it.