Monday, November 03, 2008

It May - gasp - Finally Be Over

Twenty-two months. Seven hundred and nine days (approximately). Non-stop coverage. Trivial nonsense blown into manufactured scandals to fill the airtime on too many 24/7 news stations. Vitally important trends ignored. Partisan bullshit spouted with a straight face. Billions spent, even though the majority of workers are unpaid volunteers. Careers skyrocketed into the stratosphere; careers destroyed forever. Smears, attacks, name calling. Rallies, town halls, televised debates, news conferences, scrums, over-the-shoulder ill-thought gaffe-ridden comments.

I was telling my dad today how relieved I was that it was finally going to end, and he said: What if there's a close vote and another court case?


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Bruce Fields said...

My favorite feature on is their "scenario analysis" table, which has a list of oddball results with calculated probabilities (from monte carlo simulations based on poll data).

For the "recount" scenario ("one or more decisive states <=0.5%"), they're giving it 1.55%. Let's hope that's right.