Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Seamy Side of Blogging

I'm really disturbed by the recent public evisceration of a blogger. This mob/bully mentality could turn on any one of us, any time.

This time it was a guy with poor English who doesn't support Barack Obama. A bully-blogger got a big hate-on for the guy, and then teh bully-blogger's buddies backed him, demanding the guy's ouster from an aggregator, and after a barrage of attacks the blogger finally gave up and deleted his blog. (Of course it is cached. You can still find it here, with the whole sorry saga in posts and comments. Shortly before deleting his blog the guy changed his handle and the blog name, which might be a bit confusing.)

I started to explain the transgressions of each but was too sick at heart to continue with it. The short form is: everyone involved behaved very, very badly, and noone would back down.

If you want to see the seamiest, saddest side of the blogosphere, check out the link above. Some people say guys enjoy this sort of nastiness and women are appalled and repulsed. I don't know if that's true, but I'm a female blogger and this incident makes me sick. I have become mostly inured to the vicious, angry attacks I get regularly on my blog, but I haven't become so tough that I can easily accept character assassination.

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Update: While the blog was apparently deleted an hour ago, it now appears to be back, but I'm not interested enough to follow what's going on.


Anonymous said...

the lib4ver blog entries seem to be gone now, but I thought the whole point of his blog was to poke fun at liberals. Supporting McCain seemed to be in line with his other views - so no surprise there. Anyway, he's entitled to his views, although it would be better if political bloggers blogged on their home turf. Butthere is absolutely no excuse for him letting personal slanders outing a blogger's identity stand.

Anonymous said...

And the Liberal Party wonders why women and minorites are leaving in droves and they raised less money than the NDP last quarter.

This man was a lifelong Liberal from a liberal family and people decided to attack him call him names, call his mother names and tell him he isn't a Liberal because of an opinion and someone else's comments on his site.

I can tell you, I have seen women attacked personally, with personal information disclosed on liblogs to have bloggers not only do nothing, but in fact, perpetuate and diseminate it.

If you tell someone enough times they aren't a Liberal, they'll take their money and their vote elsewhere. If you attack women enough in a vicious and mysogynistic ,manner, which happens quite regularly on Liblogs with no complaint, women go elsewhere.

The liberal Party raised less money last quarter than the NDP. As a woman, I am considering voting Tory next time for the first time in my life, because of the mysoginy of the Liberal Party as evidenced by the bloggers on Liblogs and actions at candidate nomination battles.

The Liberal PArty doesn't want women. It is clear from Red Tory and others comments about Clinton and Palin, as well as consistent attacks on female Liberals that they don't women in their party. That's fine.

An attack on a blogger who is from a minority group, even if that is just French is also evidence that this Party is sick.

Red Tory, Le Daro and others are the ones who should be asked to leave Liblogs, unfortunately Cherniak himself has removed female blogggers he doesn't like while allowing vile and vicious atttacks by male bloggers, and mysoginy to go on without concern.

It's time to support another Party.