Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Comment Moderation Woes Continue

A few weeks ago, blogger stopped sending me notification that I had comments to moderate, resulting in several days where comments didn't appear (until I figured out what was going on). Now I check my blogger dashboard comment moderation page instead of waiting for notification. But as of a few days ago, comments stopped even going to comment moderation... they just disappeared into the ether. I just figured that out and have now turned off comment moderation, so now some comments are getting through - but not all. Damn. Blogger says this is a known bug and they are working on it.

Please know that unless a comment is really offensive, I never reject comments... but I seem to be getting what I paid for with blogger's free software.



Chrystal Ocean said...

Yappa, why don't you leave the setting to allow all comments, BUT trash any which you find truly objectionable? As the admin of your blog, you can delete any comment by clicking the little trash can beside it.

Over the nine months since Challenging the Commonplace was begun, I've removed three comments that way and left my own comment stating the reason why.

tom s. said...

Just so you know, I pay Six Apart five bucks a month for my typepad blog but my comment notifications also get screwed up periodically.

Keep up the great writing!

Steve V said...

What Chrystal Ocean said, and that way you can let people engage in a more timely debate, rather than comments taking hours to appear, unless you moderate often.