Saturday, December 16, 2006

Love of Radio

I love talk radio, and thought I'd share some of my favorite sites in the hopes that my readers could offer up some more.

CBC Radio One
Minnesota Public Radio
BBC World Service
American Public Media

I'm not much for music radio, with one exception:



Darren McEwen said...

You have to add Ottawa's

Horrendously right wing talk shows but if you listen enough it drives you to be a better Liberal.

On election day last winter and the year before as well as before I left for Montreal in November I surrounded myself with the talk shows on that station and it just drove me to fight harder to help the Liberal Party.

tom s. said...

I would skip the front page of CBC and just go straight to the Writers and Company pages.

Eleanor Wachtel is not only the best author interviewer I've heard, but she gets some really interesting people too. The Robert Hughes programme was great.

MP said...

To "all those out there in vacuum land"...

Allen McFee's Eclectic Circus is one of my fondest memories of Canadian music (and a little talk) radio. It's never been topped!