Saturday, December 02, 2006

What To Do, What To Do

What a nail biter. If the Ontario returning office hadn't lost my Form 6, and if my riding had elected me as a delegate, what would I do now? I have been so focussed on Bob Rae that I haven't had to make the hard decision between Dion and Ignatieff. They're both great candidates but they would make very different leaders and take the party (and country) in very different directions. I really don't know how I'd vote. I think I'd go to Ignatieff, but I think I'd do it for the questionable reason that Dion has been tainted by the support of Kennedy. What I really should use as my main criterion is who I think has the best shot at winning the next election... but I have no idea. Maybe that makes me lean towards Ignatieff, too.

One thought on all this... the commentators keep saying that this isn't a brokered convention, but doesn't the backroom deal between Kennedy and Dion (that whichever was about to lose on the next ballot would support the other) constitute brokering? Especially since Kennedy had younger, more loyal supporters who were more likely to follow his direction. Just a thought.


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