Friday, December 08, 2006

Why the Liberal Leadership Campaign Sucked, Part 2

I submitted two form 6s, one to run as a delegate for my riding association and one to run as a women's delegate. I mailed the riding association one and a week or so later I phoned and was told that it was there. I faxed the other one.

Somehow, though, I did not appear on either ballot and was not able to get any explanation from the Ontario Liberal returning office.

When I mentioned this in a post, I got feedback that this was a widely occurring problem.



Manley Man said...

It happens in every breaucratic process. Likely your membership and Form Six had slightly different spellings, or the form was just lost.

You could have still been backfilled somewhere likely if you wanted to go.

Yappa said...

There were enough complaints about this for it to be recognized as a problem. A solution could include:

- more funding for returning offices
- more careful appointment of returning officers to ensure competence
- new rules, such as posting names of people standing as delegates so we could check whether our forms were processed
- better information that was easier to find online