Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Canadian Leadership Debate

That was a good debate. Except for some bizarrely partisan questions by Steve Paikin, the format was good and everyone sounded great. I would even have said that Harper did well if not for Elizabeth May calling him on all his lies. He sounded so smooth and plausible. For example, Dion mentioned that Harper fired the head of the nuclear safety commission; Harper responded in his sing-song, almost hypnotic way: "We all know that's not true. Parliament voted on the nuclear safety issue." But a little voice piped up while he was saying that: "Not true. Parliament didn't vote on the firing." Which broke the trance: of course she was right. She was always right.

May is a master of the under-talk. Frequently while Harper was talking she'd say something very quickly, not interrupting him, not shouting over him, but you could hear her in the background: "That's a lie." It was brilliant.

She also used her one-minute responses, over and over, to point out what Harper was really doing. Everything she said was fact-based, not personality-based. She backed up most of what she said with references. She nailed issue after issue. I can't do her justice from memory: I must get a transcript of the debate. Anyone know where to get one?


Chrystal Ocean said...

I agree. Am really pleased with May's performance tonight. Especially pleased with her answer to the "first order of business of your government" question: electoral reform.

Had I been undecided, that answer alone would have done it for me, b/c ER should be the 1st order of business of any government. We need to restore our democracy and voter choice.

Jess said...

Well said. I loved it. And I agree, all the parties did well, but Elizabeth May did the best - for all of us.

penlan said...

I think Paikin did not do well as moderator this time. In 2006 he was excellent but I found his constant interruptions very annoying this time. He cut in too many times when things were getting interesting, a little more good back & forth, free-for-all, & also before a candidate was almost finished making their point - & just before they were about to make an important conclusion to the question. Bothered me a lot.

Anonymous said...

I also agree, May did a great job. I hope someone can find a transcript.

One thing about May that really impressed me was that she brought up where jobs were being created. She brought up that the jobs created were the minimum wage jobs. I am very glad someone said that. I am not sure I am entirely comfortable with the Green's carbon tax plan, however, her response to a question near the end of the debate, can a politician change their mandate, I was very pleased she came out and said yes. I don't know if I agree with that, however, it was a very clear and honest answer. I was very impressed.

I did think Layton was ok until he said that NDP have the best record financialy. I would just look at BC and Ontario and have to disagree with that comment. As for record of doing what they say they are going to do... the party that has the most consistent record, even though I dislike the party philosophy, I would say the Conservatives have the best record... not for doing whats best for Canada, but doing what they say they will.

I wish May the best of luck. I would like to see May make headway within politics. She is strong, has a plan and isn't afraid to make changes that can possibly be unpopular. She thinks long term and strategically. Good for her!


Jeffrey said...

I tried to make a transcript but there was too many people talking at once to do so reliably. Hopefully my notes will storm up your memory