Friday, October 03, 2008


Here's an idea I can get behind. The Greens actually get some seats, and the Liberals do well - well enough that together, the Liberals and Greens can form a coalition government. Elizabeth May then becomes a member of the government... (I'm not trying to leave the NDP out - they can be in my dream coalition too.) Maybe one day there will be a Green-Liberal merger and May will become the leader of the Liberals...

Is a coalition such an impossibility? Maybe not. Today's Nanos poll has the Conservatives only five points ahead of the Liberals. The leadership poll is really interesting: the Nanos leadership index shows Harper sharply down and Dion sharply up, so that only eight points divide them. (I guess the lesson is: attack ads work, but when they're based on lies they don't work forever.)

And I promise: this time I double-checked the date of the poll!

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