Saturday, October 04, 2008

Local Polling Data

Here are some good sources of local info:

*Vote for Environment: Very rough prediction for ridings (recent national polls applied to the results of the last election)
*Election Canada Project: Riding-level predictions
*DemocraticSpace: Regional projections
*Canada Votes: Profiles of candidates, history of ridings, and comments
*Vote for Climate: Puts you in touch with like-minded people in your riding
*Plus the national links in the top right of my blog

There are some tight, unfortunate races. In Elizabeth May's riding Central Nova Peter Mackay is predicted to win, although the NDP and Green party combined have a lot more support.

Michael Ignatieff is currently behind in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, although the Election Canada Project still predicts he'll win. Patrick Boyer, who's the Conservative candidate, was the riding's MP from 1984-93.

As I've said many times, I'm a big fan of strategic voting - and I don't mean just to support the Liberals. In our kind of parliamentary democracy a vote is a blunt instrument. If we split our votes, the Conservatives could win a majority. If we vote smart, we could keep them to under 100 seats.


Anonymous said...

Everybody aware of Avaaz'z attempt to block 3 Cons.... including Peter McKay, John Baird?

Over $100,000 has been donated in 6 days.

Anonymous said...

Karen Redman in Kitchener Centre is pulling ahead as well. Telegdi is not alone.

Maggie said...

The polls for Guelph are nonsense! The last poll I saw put the Liberals at 38% and the Greens at 26% with the Cons at 12%! I would bet that the poll later this week will have the Libs and Greens neck-and-neck, especially with the university student vote added in. Guelph is going GREEN!!!!!!!!!


Yappa said...

Hi Maggie -

You may very well be right. I apologise for saying that those are local polls - I just realized that all they are is current national polls applied to local results from the last election. So there is no reliability to them at all. I'll revise the post.