Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ever-Evolving English

I was just reading a review of the new James Bond movie in an American publication and noticed a new (to me) spelling. The review described the two women in the movie as a blond and a brunet.

My first thought was that Americans are deFrenchifying their language. That might be true. However, this article says the change is part of the degenederification of English - that blonde/brunette were feminine forms and so are now considered sexist.

(My humble o is that referring to people by their hair color (or any other body part) is sexist, as it is only done with women and is an objectivization.)



Anonymous said...

I think "degenederification" is supposed to be "degenderification"

[spelling police]

Yappa said...

To spelling police -

Thanks! That's one of a couple of problems with the word...