Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Toronto Star Endorses Bob Rae

Some quotes from today's Toronto Star editorial, Rae Our Choice to Lead the Liberals:

"Bob Rae stands out as the best choice to lead the Liberals because of his vision, progressive policies and experience."

"Giving shape to his activism, Rae has put forward a wide range of progressive policy proposals. Within the context of a balanced federal budget, he would increase grants and loans for higher education, invest in research and development, make better use of immigrants' skills, invest in "green" power, reinvest in cities, increase income tax credits and child support for needy working families, expand employment insurance and bring in catastrophic drug coverage. On Afghanistan and Mideast policy, he has taken sensible stands. And on the Quebec-as-nation issue, he only grudgingly went along with the misguided parliamentary consensus, saying that it was a debate he would not have initiated."

"He offers the best prospect of renewing the party, moving it boldly forward in a socially progressive direction and giving Canadians the government they deserve."



petroom said...

What a lot of bollocks. They forgot to mention he loves babies and his favourite dish is mom's apple pie.

EX-NDIP said...

Did you expect the Red Star of TO to back anyone else . . . Rae fits the mold . . . scarey Socialist, Bob and Jack are like bookends . . . can a LPC/NDP merger be far off???

Yappa said...

Actually, the Star is a consistent Liberal booster. It's a much more important endorsement than the Sun or the Globe, neither of which support the Liberals. The endorsement is all true, and is very thoughtfully written.

Anonymous said...

What the Star hinted at but did not mention, is that Bob Rae's political radar is alive and well, and performing superbly.


His reaction to the Lebanon-Israeli war.

His response to the Ignatieff nation thingey right from the beginning: don't go there!

His calling of Harper on the softwood treaty as being an assault on international treaties and deserving of opposition for that reason alone.

His opposition to Harper's below-the-radar campaign to win premiers over and change the constitution so as to gut the powers of the federal govenment.

This man knows Canada. He knows where the fissures are, where the fault lines are, where the hot spots are, and where we have to stand and fight.

He is the one to beat Harper.