Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Harper Rescues Ignatieff?

With mere days to go before the Liberal leadership convention, Conservative Prime Minister Steve Harper comes to the aid of the floundering front-running leadership candidate Mike Ignatieff by agreeing with his stance on Quebec nationhood.

That's what just happened, right? I'm not really sure... I tuned out the latest "Is Quebec a nation or is it just a distinct society" debate, woke up with a fright when Ignatieff proposed to re-open the constitution, and then attempted to ignore the whole topic.

But it seems that the big story here isn't whether we use this word or that word to describe a province. It's whether Harper's speech is the turning point in what - just this morning - the Globe referred to as Ignatieff's "sputtering engine" heading into the convention. Timing is everything.


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tom s. said...

Chantal Hebert gives an alternative interpretation this morning. And whatever Hebert says, I believe...