Thursday, November 30, 2006

Smearing Candidates by Alleging They're Smearing Candidates

Rumors are flying that supporters of various candidates are pulling dirty tricks against other candidates.

Some of the so-called dirty tricks don't sound so dirty to me, like the infamous memo that states, "If you are having second thoughts about your candidate - Don't vote on the first ballot" which has now morphed into rumors that so-called Stop Iggy groups are urging Ignatieff delegates to go into the voting booth and yell at the top of their lungs that they hate Ignatieff.

Lots of allegations are being made with no proof. This is just a tricky way to smear the person you're accusing. If you have proof, give it. If you have no proof, I'd say you should be very careful who you accuse.

Here's an example. Posts like this one are outrageous, and the guy doesn't even allow comments. Not only does he provide no proof, but he claims that organizers are doing this. In fact, he implies that Bob himself is directing this. Come on. Supporters might get up to shennanigans on their own, but Rae organizers have stated publicly and very clearly that they do not want their supporters to do anything dirty.



Anonymous said...

Agreed, but "someone" should apologize fopr referring to Rae supporters as Nazis!

Yappa said...

"Someone" was Devon Francis and he didn't actually say that Rae supporters were Nazis. His exact words were, "The overall style, and not content, has been remarked as akin to the Nazi party material." That doesn't make it a lot better but I thought I should clarify.

You can read all about it here: (You have to scroll down to find the text.)

vijaysappani said...

I clearly said Rae Organisers in my post. I have quoted word by word what your supporters are doing in the convention floor. It is no secret now, most of the delgates know it! Kid talk to your organisers first.

Yappa said...

No, Vijay, you said, "Rae organisers are bringing in the dirt from nasty NDP type politics to the Liberal convention" but you also said, "This is the problem we have with cross over dirty old experienced politicians who bring their baggage with them." The second sentence clearly blames Bob Rae for what you allege his organizers are doing.

The thing that amazes me is that you don't seem to have any idea that you have crossed the line. You seem to be generally interested in disseminating information, which is great, but smear tactics are not right.