Saturday, September 20, 2008

Facts Can Be Fun

There's some really clever writing over at Here's an excerpt from September 19:
Number of campaign events Stephen Harper has held that were open to the public: 0

Number of campaign events Stéphane Dion has held that were open to the public: 26, including three town halls

Number of attack releases from Conservative campaign on Monday: 15

Number attacking Stéphane Dion: 10

Number attacking Gilles Duceppe: 3

Number attacking Jack Layton: 1

Number attacking Elizabeth May: 1

Number of separate occasions Mr. Harper has claimed that Stéphane Dion would raise the GST: 9

Number of times he has backed up that claim with proof: 0

Number of times Stéphane Dion has said he would raise the GST: 0

Number of budgets it took the Liberal government to fully eliminate the previous Conservative government's $43-billion deficit: 4 (1993 - 1996)

Number of budgets it took Stephen Harper & Jim Flaherty to return Canada to the brink of deficit: 3 (Budgets 2006 – 2008)


Anonymous said...

Why can't these clever writings be worked into the campaign via advertising rather than the poor showing of Dion trying to look like a guy we'd go snowshoeing with? Those don't work, nor do those images of Dion with little kids. He simply looks uncomfortable. But surely, some of these items are more than interesting to most people.

Yappa said...

Take a look at the Kyoto ad I just posted though... I think it's pretty effective.

I wrote the party and suggested that this "number of" format stuff should be mailed out (as a respite from all the requests for money) and also that they should make it more prominent on the page. I agree it's very effective. I wouldn't have known about it but someone mentioned it in the Globe this morning.

Anonymous said...

Isn't using the term "the brink of deficit" the same as saying balanced budget?

- Robert Parks

Yappa said...

Hi Robert - I'd say "brink of deficit" means "election was called a year earlier than solemnly promised in order to occur before deficit became known".

But I guess time will tell... ;-)