Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Purloined Speech

It's interesting that Harper plagiarized his big speech, but there's lots more of interest in this story.

It's interesting that Harper's speechwriter, Owen Lippert, fell on his sword. A nifty little bit of politicking from the Conservative troubleshooters, but whatever happened to "the buck stops here"? Harper accepts the accolades; Harper should accept the responsibility for what he says.

It's interesting that the source of the speech was John Howard, ultra-right wing buddy of George Bush and Iraq invasion-promoter.

It's interesting to have fresh evidence that Harper's foreign policy has "Made In the USA" stamped all over it - that now, Canada's foerign policy is made in the USA.

It's interesting to have fresh evidence of the paucity of ideas in Harper's administration.

But the outrageous, damning, horrible thing about Harper's purloined speech is that he argued so vehemently for the murderous invasion of Iraq - and has never, ever, renounced that policy, even though the majority of Americans and American proponents of the invasion now repent what they did.


Anonymous said...

The whole thing is so disgusting. Of course, the young (old?) speechwriter gets the shove. How can they possibly suggest that that was then and this is now -- different party, different era, different issues- different code of conduct? Bullcrap. I so hope people will absorb just how indicative this is of the scumbag approach these people will have to 'ruling' the country.

cyberwanderer said...

Don't forget how Howard and Harper was so close and working together. This smells like a cover up for letting Owen takes the fall. His colleague have only good things to say for Owen and don't think he is capable of such a thing.

Bert said...

Um, the speech writer has (corectly) resigned, as he should. What he did was wrong. I think it's kind of stupid that you bring up the idea that Stephen Harper's foreign policy is "Made in America", when the plagerized portion of his speech is from Austrailian John Howard.

Yes, the murderous invasion of Iraq. Let's just let Sadaam Hussein keep on commiting genocide against the Kurd's in Northern Iraq. Despite what the left says, WMD's were found in Iraq, although not in the numbers they were expecting. Iraq had time, several weeks, in fact, to ship them all to Syria.

vid kid said...

The video is available on YouTube: