Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Woman's Take on the Federal Election

The looming possibility of a Conservative majority seems too awful to contemplate. I would argue that Canadians would never let that happen; I would argue that the idea is insane, and yet pollsters and pundits say that it is very likely that in a mere month that horrible dystopia may be upon us. (See James Laxer for a description of what might befall us if Harper gets that majority.) There's nothing we can do because the fate of the country is apparently in the hands of Quebec.

Normally I would be following the election campaign in great detail, but I can't stand listening to any of the major party leaders. Harper, with that sickly fake smile and hard cold eyes, is the worst, or maybe tied with Duceppe, who seems erratic and manic. Layton seems increasingly like a strutting popinjay, and insincere to boot. I try to like Dion, and he's much better than he used to be, but his fractured English still makes me wince. And none of them are saying anything terribly interesting.

Normally I would rejoice in the recent Tory gaffes, but the Puffin pooping and so on seem too much like stuff that could happen to anyone.

It's not like I'm indifferent to the issues. I'm worried about health care, the economy, the environment, Afghanistan, the northwest passage. I want a government that will repair our hiways and bridges, improve transit, fix the CRTC, raise the top tax brackets, foster a healthy economy, deal with crime in a way that doesn't lock people up unless it's neceessary. I want a federal government that will treat Ontario fairly. I want a government that will address the most pressing environmental initiatives: fast-tracking environmental improvements in the oil sands and reducing Ontario energy consumption so we can close our coal-fired generators. I want new, decent-paying jobs to replace ones lost in the crumbling manufacturing sector. I want stronger, smarter, better enforced corporate regulations.

I want a government with vision, vibrancy, intelligence and competence. Not more crafty politicos who work to hold on to power - but committed leaders. When was the last time we had that in a federal government? Trudeau? Pearson? What's the point of getting all riled up about an election that has no good outcome? And that is quite possibly out of our hands?


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Deb Prothero said...

Echo your comments. When are we going to hear about the issues?

Harper is going to tear this country apart by dismantling the federal government which includes our precious health care, such as it is after anemic funding. Then we'll be 10 provinces and 3 territories tearing at each other's throats for the scraps that are left.

We need to hear about health care, jobs, and the all the other issues you raised. Most importantly I want to hear about a national housing policy and if Harper wins we won't have any national policies. It'll be every person for themselves.