Monday, September 22, 2008

Liberals Are Only 5 Points Behind Tories

CPAC-Nanos just released their rolling poll ending yesterday. The results:

Conservative Party 36% (-2)
Liberal Party 31% (+2)
NDP 20% (+2)
BQ 7% (NC)
Green Party 7% (NC)
Undecided 19% (+1)

The Liberals are releasing their platform today. They've switched emphasis to the economy, a necessity as the economic turmoil worsens in the US - and a huge area of strength for the party. (Remember: It took four budgets for Chretien/Martin to fully eliminate the deficit left behind by Mulroney. It only took Harper three budgets to bring us back to the brink of deficit!)

I think the tide is shifting. When a Liberal fund-raiser called me yesterday I donated generously and then asked him what kinds of reactions he was getting in his phone calls. "Amazing" he said. "I'm starting to think we may win!"


Anonymous said...

Good! I just donated to my local candidate and the Liberal party too.

Anonymous said...


Nanos releases polls every afternoon at 2 PM EDT. The poll you're quoting is from Sunday afternoon. Internal Tory polling must be picking up something similar, because they're back to the attack ads...

Yappa said...

I heard a Tory attack ad on CBC radio last night (just after Cross Country Checkup). Man oh man, was it evil. It was supposed to be people calling in to an opinion line, which allowed the facts to be totally untrue - they're just the opinions of "common folk". One stated (falsely) that the Green Shift will raise gasoline prices at the pump. They were really nasty... and I'm sure really effective.

The good news is I think the Liberals are finally ready to start firing back. Martin got an upswing in the final four days of the last election when he finally started to attack Harper. And there's a lot to attack.

Anonymous said...

New Nanos!

Tories down to 35, Libs 30, NDP 22. Regional breakdown has Tories 3rd in Atlantic, trailing by 8 in Ontario with NDP surging everywhere except Ontario. If this trend continues...

Yappa said...

I see what you mean. It also has the Bloc ahead of the Tories by 3 in Quebec, as well as the Liberals beating the Tories by 8 in Ontario.