Friday, March 03, 2006

Beatles and beards

So now Paul McCartney is going on Larry King Live to talk about the seal hunt. What a great publicity stunt for the aging rock star. It makes me almost wish I hadn't blogged on the topic (was I just playing into some PR rep's scheme?) and makes me gladder that I was pretty brutal in my characterization of Paul (something I have been feeling a bit badly about).

It's sort of like talking about Al Gore's beard. One couldn't help but notice back in July 2001 while he was on vacation in Europe that Al grew a beard, and it might have been interesting to speculate about if the media hadn't jumped on the topic and thrashed it convulsively for months and months and years till it made one's head want to explode. On March 17, 2002, when Al shaved his beard, it merited front page news and started a whole new cycle of bearded Al articles. It may quite possibly never, ever stop. Oops. I guess I'm not helping much.

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