Thursday, August 10, 2006

Transportation Malfunctions

Gerard Kennedy claims that he missed an all-French debate in Quebec City yesterday because his car broke down on the way.

People who are striving to become the leader of our nation should be a lot more responsible about their commitments. Don't forget that Joe Clark was ridiculed and labelled a loser for losing his luggage on a flight - and it wasn't even his fault. We can't elect a yahoo who misses important public meetings with lame excuses.

In addition, I want to give Kennedy the benefit of the doubt, but this sounds like a lie and I am very uneasy about being lied to so blatantly by a leadership candidate. I would like to see some evidence of this alleged breakdown... a tow truck bill, a CAA call log, or something of that nature.

It also sounds like Kennedy's French immersion is not going as well as hoped.



Anonymous said...

Agreed! is his French not up to par??

Kennedy rsvp'd for a debate in Quebec City (7 ridings)...Apparently his car broke down. He gave a 3 hour notice saying that he couldn't make it. He was 1.5 hours away and I am sure there are those who would have drove him or he could have called up our friend Hertz or Avis!!

I know not every candidate can make every debate, but don't give the illusion that you will go...did he have the intention of going?!?

Kennedy had a perception of being fluff. This doesn't add well to it.

a no show is a no good!

Anonymous said...


Kennedy is a man with integrity and to accuse him of lying is childish on your part.

You seem to be not interested in 3rd ballot support for your guy Rae because with rude postings like this, you are steering away Kennedy supporters from even considering your guy!

Anonymous said...

Gerard has SID: Sincerity, Integrity, Decency.

Yappa Ding Ding, I believe you know Gerard well enough to be able to acknowledge that.

He did not not attend because he was afraid his French was not up to par. He has had French lessons daily for months and I here that his previous passable French (2-) is now in the 3, 3+ range.

Red Tory said...

Gotta love the dissembling of his supporters. Heh.