Thursday, October 19, 2006

Unfit for Public Office

Our current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter MacKay, was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party after promising, in writing, that he wouldn't merge the party with the Reform Alliance. Less than two weeks later, he merged the parties. The Progressive Conservatives never had a chance because of the way the vote was engineered. The move amounted to a hostile take-over and brand appropriation. One might even say the new Conservative Party is a fraud, using a venerable old name to hide an agenda that most Canadian conservatives would abhor.

It was inevitable that many Progressive Conservatives would not fit into the new party, especially after the election of Stephen Harper as leader. Scott Brison, Belinda Stronach and Garth Turner were all misfits. They didn't change; their constituents didn't change - the party changed.

Today's Globe & Mail reports on today's parliamentary debate: "A Liberal jokingly asked Mr. MacKay about the impact of pollution on humans and animals: "What about your dog?" According to Mr. Holland, Mr. MacKay motioned toward Ms. Stronach's vacant seat and replied: "You already have her.""

This odious remark fits other reports of MacKay's behavior towards Stronach after she crossed over to the Liberals. Initially he tried to play for sympathy, saying she'd dumped him and he was heartbroken. Later it came out that she tried to save the relationship but he wouldn't have it, and it is reported that since they broke up he has frequently made rude gestures and taunts towards her across the House. It got so bad that Stronach's seat in the House had to be moved so that she was further away from him.

I don't give a damn about MacKay's love life and I'm quite certain that Stronach can take care of herself, but this shows us some things about MacKay's character that are so serious that I don't think he's fit for public office. We already knew from the party merger that he's untrustworthy. Now it's apparent that he's nasty and vengeful and possibly unstable. For heaven's sake, they went out for about six months and he broke up with Stronach over 18 months ago. And yet he's referring to her - in the House of Commons! - as his dog?! This is harassment. It's the kind of ex-boyfriend behavior that forces women to take out restraining orders. It's frightening and ugly. It is very, very important that MacKay recognize, both privately and publically, that his rage towards an ex-girlfriend is unacceptable.



Anonymous said...

"What about your dog?"

Yes very intelligent question.
Woof woof.

Jacques Beau Vert said...

I really, really don't like Peter MacKay - I never have. He is a weasel.

But, I strongly support dumpees slagging dumpers - you always get to reserve the right to call whoever broke your heart whatever comes to mind.

Some people have a tough time moving on in love, and they have my sympathy, always. Love hurts a lot of people.

Most people who are upset about this would not, I believe, be upset if she'd said it about him. Me, I believe in equal opportunity when it comes to heartache. I wouldn't ever criticize Stronach for being bitter if he'd dumped her - so I'm not ever going to critize him for being bitter.

Neo Conservative said...

Whatever McKay actually said, if anything, couldn't be nearly as offensive as the manufactured outrage these idiots puke up for the television cameras after they leave the Parliament buildings.

Anonymous said...

Jason: A fine sentiment but based on a false premise; Belinda didn't dump him.
Neo conservative: It doesn't matter if the outrage is "manufactured"; what he said is nevertheless outrageous.
Iggy pops poo: Get back in your cage.